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Changing Our Political System

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David Dawn

Growth and Accomplishments...

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Released: 01/12/2020:
Focus on The Voting Rights Act (VRA) and our equal rights in our civil courts renewal issues. Additional information on the history of the Three-Fifths (3/5) Human Issue.

Released: 03/05/2019:
Reboot of Changing our Political System website (COPS).

Released: 02/18/2017:
Second reboot and and additional material was done to the COPS website.

Released: 01/18/2017:
Exploring addressing professional driving etiquette

Released: 05/16/2016:
First National Boycott

The United States of America is full of many people of different races. All of the people should have an equal chance at employment and yet we do not. Across our nation mainly in the low paying jobs there is employers who hire just one race. This takes away jobs for other races who has families and need employment, as well as jobs for students or people trying to make a new life for themselves. I see over 65% of the people in America having two or more different races within them.

We are looking for volunteers across the nation to expose any employers that have only 1 race of employees or has only 1 person of a different race on a shift that has more than 5 employees of the same race. We are referring to fast food companies, restaurants, grocery stores and clothing stores. This is to make the public aware of the employers that have only one race of employees. Most of the owners of the business do not even know that their manger is hiring only one race. They need to pay closer attention to how the business is being ran.

Released: 09/30/2015:
We are in the planning stages of a new venture, our first national boycott. This is scheduled to begin in February 2016. We will begin organizing this in January. Stay tuned for further details.

Released: 09/28/2015:
We welcome our newest volunteers to our group, and look forward to working with you as we continue growing.

Released: 09/12/2015:
Videos are being added to each of our websites. In addition to introductions explaining the goals of each website, additional topics are being added to provide an interactive environment. Some videos are links to external websites. We do not have control of the videos that are shown on third-party websites or the information usage of other people's websites. These external websites may have a different privacy policy or terms of usage. Please acquaint yourself with each website's terms and conditions.

Released: 02/28/2015:
Revisions are being made to each of our other educational websites. Feel free to click on Links and select each website to view. Opportunities for sponsorship and volunteers are still open, and we look forward to speaking with you.

Released: 02/26/2015:
Thank you for your participation in our recent Petition. Look for additional topics coming soon.

News from our archives...

Released: 09/04/2014:
Our petition is ready for your signature. We are reaching out to everyone to sign a petition addressing the current issues presented on our Home page. Help us to become a strong voice through this website. Please 'like' us on Facebook and we welcome discussions and input among the social media sites. Refer to the terms and conditions and privacy policy if applicable of any third party website if you have additional questions or concerns, or feel free to contact us.

Released: 08/20/2014:
In September, we will be reaching out to everyone to sign a petition addressing the current issues presented on our Home page. Help us to become a strong voice through this website. Please 'like' us on Facebook and we welcome discussions and input among the social media sites.

Released: 3/5/2014:
We are back and ready. Visit each of our 3 educational websites through Links. We welcome your participation and involvement among our website or through our social media pages including 'FaceBook'.

Released: 10/2/2010:
Thank You to everyone participating in our latest discussion titled Texting while Driving. This discussion is still open for your participation, by accessing our FaceBook page and clicking on the Discussions tab. Responses received external to our website and FaceBook page will be uploaded this week for all to review and comment.

Released: 9/19/2010:
We are presently addressing a local issue in regard to employers being subsidized by the county or the federal government for training their new employees. Our investigation will continue by ordering reports and records from the applicable agency Division upon attainment of the required funds.

Released: 9/17/2010:
We have started working with a department of a company to become a union shop. There are many companies who have only part of their employees unionized and the other departments non-union. This is done for many different reasons.

If you belong to a department of a company who wants to become unionized for the benefits, an increase in pay, or just to get more respect from your employer...

We will find the right union for the type of work that you are doing and help get the process of being unionized started. In addition, we will see you through the process as well.

Released: 9/5/2010:
Introducing our new business card. We will be distributing our cards to local politicians, community leaders, and people throughout the city, as an official way to introduce ourselves and our mission. Community Activism and Neighborhood Involvement are two of our key goals.

Community Activism courtesy of Changing our Political System Business Card

Released: 9/3/2010:
We are proud to say, within a year's time, we have garnered a small group of dedicated part-time volunteers. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who is helping us fulfill our goals, and also looking forward to meeting and working with additional volunteers becoming involved with issues regarding their local communities. Feel free to contact us for volunteer opportunities and how your voice can become heard within your community.

Released: 8/7/2010:
Our Facebook page is updating and we welcome our new friends that have 'LIKED' our page. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to join into one of our discussions, or recommend a new topic to begin. Click on our FaceBook link below to visit us. In addition, you may also join our BLOG if you do not currently have a FaceBook account.

Follow changingourpoliticalsystem on Facebook

Released: 8/5/2010:
August is starting to become a very busy month for us. Thank you to all of our new volunteers - Your committment and hard-work is greatly appreciated. Please visit our ACTION page for volunteer information and feel free to contact us for additional volunteer activities.

Released: 7/24/2010:
We have setup an account on Twitter. You are welcome to tweet with us.

Released: 7/22/2010:
We can now be found on Facebook. You are welcome to participate within our discussions on Facebook and recommend our site to your friends.

Released: 3/19/2010:
We have recently submitted four proposals to Senator Harry Reid's office in Washington D.C. as follows:

1. Eliminating the Electoral Votes
2. Cease Company Bailouts
3. Feeding the Hungry
4. Personal Credit Reports checked for Employement

All four proposals are in the process of being Named and Registered with the Clerk of the National Congress. We will update this newspage as we receive feedback. For detailed information, please visit our Proposals to review in detail the ideas we have and are pushing forward to change.

Released: 2/15/2010:
We are now inviting companies and organizations for sponsorship opportunities. You can include your company or organization logo, graphic or text link which will link directly to your website.

Released: 2/13/2010:
We are currently preparing the proposals for submission and filing for congress.

Released: 1/9/2010:
A letter received by David Dawn from the AARP - Office of the Board of Directors, discusses the Affordable Healthcare for America Act (H.R. 3962). Although the passed by the House of Representatives on November 7, 2009, According to an article appearing in CNN Politics, "It's unclear when the Senate will vote on a version of the health care legislation debated in that chamber. If the Senate passes its bill, the House and Senate bills would have to be reconciled into one document and voted on again." (CNN, 2009, para.3). A way to become involved with this bill is to contact your Senators and let them know your input.

According to the AARP letter, some of the provisions of this bill include:
(1) Preventing insurance companies from denying affordable coverage to anyone because of their age
(2) Ensure that people who already have coverage would not lose it
(3) Impose limits on how much insurance companies charge people out-of-pocket costs each each year
(4) Provide extra help to those who cannot afford to pay their premiums
(5) Protect Medicare so that you, your children, and grandchildren have the health coverage you need when you retire

Bash, D., Quijano, E., Desjardins, L.,
Silverleib, A., Steinhauser, P., Walsh, D. (2009).
House passed health care reform bill,
CNN Politics, November 8, 2009
Released: 12/20/2009:
We are in the process of making a national list showing the cities and counties of all the states in the union so that all the PCOs will have a reference to their election office in their local area. Once in office, you will have our Blog to talk to your neighboring PCOs about the needs of your neighborhood.

Released: 12/5/2009:
Sponsorship opportunities are coming soon. We would like to provide the opportunity to have your company or organization represented on our website. You can select from a link to your website along with your company logo, graphic, or a text link.

Released: 11/26/2009:
Blogging section of website developed and available for commentary, and to use our blog to communicate with PCOs and volunteers across the nation.

Released: 11/14/2009:
We are preparing for blogging capabilities which will enable organization, allow communication, the sharing of ideas and discussion among volunteers across the nation.

Released: 11/7/2009:
Fresh content continues to be uploaded to our website. As we continue to build our website, we will constantly keep you updated on our progress. As of now we are organizing the information on changing and adding to federal laws, as well as amendments. We are also in the process of organizing councilmen, assemblymen and aldermen across the nation so they have a means to communicate with one another within there local area, state or on a national level.
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