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Introduction to Changing our Political System

We do not belong to any political party because in order to make this work we need to unite all of the voters from the different political parties to work together on the different issues for the equality of the American people.

Our goal is to change some laws in a legal and non-violent manner.

Our main purpose is to get proposals sent through our State and Federal Congresses.

The solution is for the voters to get out and vote for their State Congress Members. This is the only way we will see a change in our political system. 

The people are very tired of living with a Lame Duck Congress. We need to reinstate the confidence that the people had lost in our politician's. The people of our great nation would feel better about being equal when they see a cultural mind shift in the politicians having a open mind for working together with other parties to resolve the problems at hand for the people and not for the lobbyist and the industrialist.

We can and will make the changes that are needed for a brighter future for ourselves and our children. A lot of people of this great nation is so involved in their fear of change and so self-centered with their greed that they close their minds to doing what is right for all of the people. They refuse to see, hear, read and understand what is really good for all of the people of the nation. It is true, we do have our differences in life styles, our political and religious beliefs. Still, we must see that our different ways of living does not stop the change that needs to be one in this Great Nation of ours.

Proposals for our Congress

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We have proposals to send to our Federal Congress and to all of the State Congresses in our nation.

For example:

#1. The Voting Rights Act (VRA) and our equal rights in our civil courts - Renewal Issues - need to be removed from our American Constitution. Congress renews this every 25 years (which will be 2031). This is for all minorities which includes all women of every race. The only exception to this is the white male.

#2. Social Security Reform: There are members of Congress who have said that Social Security is WELFARE. In reality it is a PENSION. Honest hard working citizens pay out of every pay check into Social Security.

Divided we fall and United we stand.

Master Plan for the COPS Website

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We are here to encourage people to get out and vote and or become Civil and Political Activists. We need honest and caring volunteers who are wanting to improve the quality of American life.

A Civil and Political Activist united with other politicians and local organizations as one group rallying on a state or national capital could change any issue that the people really want to be changed. If not, we could influence the commissions, committees, political organizations, or any other decision-making group of politicians.

We need your help in every way possible.

We need volunteers of every type in order to make these changes.

Request for Volunteers

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We need many different types of volunteers. As an individual, you can be a person to make a difference within our great nation. We need you. Your involvement will help make these changes a reality. We need some people with the expertise and knowledge of how our congress really operates.

For example:

In addition, we need organizers for starting and organizing chapters in every State to address the laws within that State, across the nation.

 In order to do this, we need your help in every way possible even if it is just telling your friends.

Thanks for your time, concern, support and helping us grow!

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Updated 01/26/2020

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