Review Old Laws (Local)
For example, there is still laws claiming that no blacks downtown after dark, no black can live on this side of the tracks and there is many of these old laws that need to be removed from the books because technically speaking they still can be enforced. Federally, the King Alfred Plan needs to be removed because it targets and states that all minority members of Congress will be unseated at once. All other leaders are to be detained at once during the first critical hours. Minority troops divided and detained, along with all white sympathizers. Along with the leaders of all of the following organizations;

1 - The Black Muslims
2 - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
3 - Congress of Racial Equality
4 - Uhuru Movement
5 - Group On Advanced Leadership (GOAL)
6 - Freedom Now Party (FNP)
7 - United Black Nationalists of America (UBNA)
8 - The New Pan-African Movement (TNPAM)
9 - Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
10 - The National Urban League (NUL)
11 - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
12 - Committee on Racial and Religious Progress (CORARP)

This does not refer to only the Black race. It has been up dated by President Bush Sr. to include all the people of color and their religious and organizational leaders. This does include the Jewish race.


In the event of widespread and continuing and coordinated racial disturbances in the United States, King Alfred, at the discretion of the President, is to be put into action immediately.

National Security Council
Department of Justice
Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Interior

(Under Federal Jurisdiction)
National Guard Units
State Police

(Under Federal Jurisdiction)
City Police
County Police

Memo: National Security Council

Even before 1954, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America declared unconstitutional separate educational and recreational facilities, racial unrest and discord had become very nearly a part of the American way of life. But that way of life was repugnant to most Americans. Since 1954, however, that unrest and discord have broken out into widespread violence which increasingly have placed the peace and stability of the nation in dire jeopardy. This violence has resulted in loss of life, limb and property, and has cost the taxpayers of this nation billions of dollars. And the end is not yet in sight. This same violence has raised the tremendously grave question as to whether the races can ever live in peace with each other. Each passing month has brought new intelligence that, despite new laws passed to alleviate the condition of the Minority, the Minority still is not satisfied. Demonstrations and rioting have become a part of the familiar scene. Troops have been called out in city after city across the land, and our image as a world leader severely damaged. Our enemies press closer, seeking the advantage, possibly at a time during one of these outbreaks of violence. The Minority has adopted an almost military posture to gain its objectives, which are not clear to most Americans. It is expected, therefore, that when those objectives are denied the Minority, racial war must be considered inevitable. When that emergency comes, we must expect the total involvement of all 22 million members of the Minority, men, women, and children, for once this project is launched, its goal is to terminate, once and for all, the Minority threat to the whole of the American society, and indeed, the Free World.

Chairman, National Security Council

Preliminary Memo: Department of Interior

Under King Alfred, the nation has been divided into 10 regions. In case of Emergency, Minority members will be evacuated from the cities by federalized national guard units, local and state police and, if necessary, by units of the Regular Armed Forces, using public and military transportation, and detained in nearby military installations until a further course of action has been decided.

1 - Capital Region
2 - Northeast Region
3 - Southeast Region
4 - Great Lakes Region
5 - South Central Region
6 - Deep South Region
7 - Deep South Region II
8 - Great Plains, Rocky mountain Region
9 - Southwest Region
10 - West Coast Region

No attempt will be made to seal off the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Secretary, Department of Interior
* 849-899 King of England who slaughtered thousands under the disguise of protecting the European religion of Christianity. As a result, he was revered as one of the most noble Kings in the history of England.

Combined Memo: Department of Justice
Preliminary Memo: Federal Bureau of Investigation & Central Intelligence Agency

There are 12 major Minority organizations and all are familiar to the 22 million. Dossiers have been compiled on the leaders of the organizations, and can be studied in Washington. The material contained in many of the dossiers, and our threat to reveal that material, has considerably held in check some of the leaders. Leaders who do not have such usable material in their dossiers have been approached to take government posts, mostly as ambassadors and primarily in African countries. The promise of these positions also has materially contributed to a temporary slow-down of Minority activities. However, we do not expect these slow-downs to be of long duration, because there are always new and dissident elements joining these organizations, with the potential power to replace the old leaders. All organizations and their leaders are under constant, 24-hour surveillance. The organizations are:

1 - The Black Muslims
2 - Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
3 - Congress of Racial Equality
4 - Uhuru Movement
5 - Group On Advanced Leadership (GOAL)
6 - Freedom Now Party (FNP)
7 - United Black Nationalists of America (UBNA)
8 - The New Pan-African Movement (TNPAM)
9 - Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
10 - The National Urban League (NUL)
11 - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
12 - Committee on Racial and Religious Progress (CORARP)

NOTE: At the appropriate time, to be designated by the President, the leaders of some of these organizations are to be detained ONLY WHEN IT IS CLEAR THAT THEY CANNOT PREVENT THE EMERGENCY, working with local public officials during the first critical hours. All other leaders are to be detained at once. Compiled lists of Minority leaders have been readied at the National Data Computer Center. It is necessary to use the Minority leaders designated by the President in much the same manner in which we use Minority members who are agents with Central and Federal, and we cannot, until there is no alternative, reveal King Alfred in all its aspects. Minority members of Congress will be unseated at once. This move is not without precedent in American history.

Attorney General

Preliminary Memo: Department of Defense

This memo is being submitted in lieu of a full report from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That report is now in preparation. There will be many cities where the Minority will be able to put into the street a superior number of people with a desperate and dangerous will. He will be a formidable enemy, for he is bound to the Continent by heritage and knows that political asylum will not be available to him in other countries. The greatest concentration of the Minority is in the Deep South, the Eastern seaboard, the Great lakes region and the West Coast. While the national population exceeds that of the Minority by more than ten times, we must realistically take into account the following:

1 - An estimated 40-50 percent of the white population will not, for various reasons, engage the Minority during an Emergency.
2 - American Armed Forces are spread around the world. A breakout of war abroad means fewer troops at home to handle the Emergency.
3 - Local law enforcement officials must contain the Emergency until help arrives, though it may mean fighting a superior force. New York City, for example, has a 25,000 man police force, but there are about one million Minority members in the city.

We are confident that the Minority would hold any city it took for only a few hours. The lack of weapons, facilities, logistics --- all put the Minority at a final disadvantage.
Since the Korean War, this department has shifted Minority members of the Armed Forces to areas where combat is most likely to occur, with the aim of eliminating, through combat, as many combat-trained military servicemen as possible. Today the ratio of Minority member combat deaths in Vietnam, where they are serving as “advisors,” is twice as high as the Minority population ratio to the rest of America. Below is the timetable for King Alfred as tentatively suggested by the JCS who recommend that the operation be made over a period of eight hours:

1. Local police and Minority leaders in action to head off the Emergency.
2. Countdown to eight hours begins at the moment the President determines the Emergency to be:
a. National
b. Coordinated
c. Of Long Duration (8th hour)
3. County police join local police (7th hour)
4. State police join county and local police (6th hour)
5. Federal marshals join state, county, and local forces (5th hour)
6. National guards federalized, held in readiness (4th hour)
7. Regular Armed Forces alerted, take up positions; Minority troops divided and detained,
along with all white sympathizers, under guard (3rd hour)
8. All minority leaders, national and local detained (2nd hour)
9. President addresses Minority on radio-television,
gives it one hour to end the Emergency (1st hour)
10. All units under regional commands into the Emergency (0 hour)
“0” Committee Report:

Survey shows that during a six-year period, production created 9,000,000 objects, or 1,500,000 each year. Production could not dispose of the containers, which proved a bottleneck. However, that was almost 20 years ago. We suggest that vaporization techniques be employed to overcome the production problems inherent in King Alfred.
(The “0” Committee Report is referring to the problems that occurred in Nazi Germany when the furnaces were not hot enough to burn the bodies that Hitler had killed. The bodies clogged up the furnaces thereby causing a problem that the above committee recommends avoiding by building high-volume (nuclear-powered) incinerators that burn 5,000 degrees. It should be noted that steel melts at approximately 2700 degrees!)

Note: Dr. Ray Hagin (Pastor and Professor...