First National Boycott


We are not targeting "Mom and Pop" family run businesses, we are mainly referring to...

  • fast food companies,
  • restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • clothing stores

This discrimination is prevalent in many cities across the U.S. This takes away jobs for other races who have families and need employment, as well as jobs for students or people trying to get out of the fast life. We need to see at least 50% of employees of mixed races in all work areas.

We are looking for volunteers to expose this type of hiring. In your daily routine look for any blatant ethnic discrimination. If seen, please voice your concerns to the management and tell them, " if changes are not made then you will  boycott the business. By expressing the need of change through friends, facebook, twitter, etc. " Please do not buy anything from that store. When boycotting an establishment, please inform this web site so we can print further support.

For example: I can find within a two-mile radius of my home, more than 5 businesses that have employees that are the same race.

  • I went into the local IHOP and could not get an application in English. On top of that, they wanted you to be able to read and speak Spanish. IHOP did correct the application procedure by having everyone applying online, but they still have 96% employees of one race during the daytime and 100% at night.

  • Denny’s has all of their employee’s one race, day and night.

  • ATT phone center, 100% of the employees is one race.

  • Popeyes has their employees of one race.

  • Several Jack in the Box has all one race day and night.

  • El Pollo Loco

  • Sea Food City

  • Dairy Queen is the same way.

If I go to the rich areas I know that I will be able to find the same in the strip mall business as well.