Police Killings needs to be stopped.

Police Killings needs to be Stopped

The non-killing program is, as follows. All officers who carry a stripe on their arm should be equipped with at least a video recorder, 3 riot shields that is 5-foot, by 3-foot bullet proof shields with a window, helmets, rubber bullets, stun guns and any other nonlethal weapon used by the police.

This will even work when someone has a weapon. Shooting the individual several times with rubber bullets will not kill him. The striped officer will know the areas to shoot in order to have someone drop their weapon. At a close range of less than 20 feet the officer should be able to hit their target. If they do miss the recur shade will not kill anyone.

The Procedure to Follow:

If someone has a weapon or someone who just physically resisting arrest from a regular patrol officer and the officer is fearful of getting hurt...

There is no reason why an individual with a knife, gun, rock, stick or just an individual being rebellious should die because of their action. The Police Departments exception is unless they are fired upon and only in a case like that they are allowed to use deadly force.

The people must realize that these officers are fearful when stopping a person because dealing with the public you never know what state of mind a person is in at the time. They do not know how a person will react. For example, most people, which includes the police, fear a bunch of gang bangers or the crazy white guy who just lost everything or the racist with a big chip on their shoulder. If confronting these people takes place at night, the fear factor rises in any human. To be honest about it, most of the people killed by the police are very rebellious individuals who will not listen to the orders of the police.

Police officers are human beings who want to go home and live a peaceful life after a long day at work.

This is what everyone wants after a long day at work. Most police officers are good people with good intentions. Just like the average citizen, we need the police to do their job and not worry about being sued by some rebellious person. Can you imagine a world without cops? The bangers, racist, drugies etc., etc., etc. would be running crazy and the average good citizen would have to join them just to survive.

Everyone who is stopped by the police needs to do as they are told.

If a person is wronged by the police, they need to report it and use the legal way of getting the revenge needed. Back talking, resisting arrest and showing lack of respect is a for sure way of getting into trouble, in more ways than one. If the officer is doing wrong, they can be sued along with the police department. This will also cut down on police killings. It is much better doing it the right way compared to the wrong way.


Example 1: In 2015 a boy with a toy gun was shot to death simply because the officer over reacted and did not wait for back up. In this case the officer should have waited from a distance until other officers showed up.

Example 2: A young man in New York, shot over 35 times.

Example 3: In Las Vegas, a lady was threatening the police with a knife, was shot and killed for no reason. The people in this case would have rather seen her with a broken arm or even a cracked skull rather than seeing her dead.

In Philadelphia, the census bureau says for the year of 2007, the police in that city, had killed over 300 people (Out of that 300, over 200 were minorities.)

If you times this per major city across the nation, that is a lot of people being killed by the police ever. More than 1,450 deaths caused by law enforcement between May 2013-August 2014. They are not required to keep track of police caused killings. That works out to about 3 per day, 1100 per year!

Bureau of Justice Statistics

In the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced that forty-seven states and the District of Columbia reported 2,002 arrest-related deaths during the three years from 2003 through 2005. Homicides by state and local law enforcement officers were the leading cause of such deaths during this period (55 percent). Most persons who died while being arrested were men (96 percent) between the ages of 18 and 44. Approximately 44 percent were white; 32 percent, African American; 20 percent Hispanic and 4 percent of other or multiple races. If this is true, how come the people do not see this on T.V.?


According to the FBI's most recent accounts of "justifiable homicide," in the seven years between 2005 and 2012, a white officer used deadly force against a black person almost two times every week.


Melissa Harris-Perry pointed out in her passionate and touching tribute to Brown. Of those black persons killed, nearly one in every five were under 21 years of age. For comparison,only 8.7 percent of white people killed by police officers were younger than 21.



Police in the US shot dead nearly 1,000 civilians in 2015, of which 90 were unarmed and did not possess weapons of any kind during a confrontation, according to a report. The tracking of police violence started after the infamous Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, which ignited a national debate on racial inequality and exposed the federal government's failure to track the use of deadly force by the police.


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