Eliminate the Electoral College Voting System.

Eliminate the Electoral College Voting System

The founding fathers created the Electoral College. It is a system that supposed to be a compromise between having the president elected by Congress and having the president elected by the popular vote of qualified citizens. Which is not fair to the people because congress always vote in to office whom ever they really want in there. It does not matter who the people really want. They will elect who they really want.

It is better that the citizen’s vote count directly to the election of the President. Rather than, depending on someone who you think and hope will vote as you wish. If they are influenced by the lobbyist or the need to be accepted by other politicians as most congressmen are, then the people will never get what they really want. These are the only votes that count for electing a president.

We need to eliminate the Electoral College voting system so that the citizens of the United States vote would count for all the candidates running for president.

Our government has the citizens of our nation vote on the presidency, so that our political system can see how the voters feel about each candidate running for presidency.

Republicans argue the point that if it wasn’t because of the Electoral College vote, the highly-populated areas would rule as far as electing in a President. So the votes in the rural areas would not actually count. This is a farce; it is set up the same way with the House of Representatives. They represent their local jurisdiction. The more populated the area is, the more House of Representatives come from that area. So, basically, it’s the same thing happening that they are fearful of happening. Looking at it in this way, it is better that the individual’s vote count.

Other people feel, that the system was set up to stop the influence of overseas money that might sway the voters to vote one way or another. In reality, isn’t the industrialist of America doing the same thing today through lobbyists with congress?

I feel that when the Electoral College vote was started back in the 1700’s it was to speed up the voting procedure. Back then it would have taken weeks if not months to complete the voting procedure. We now have a voting system that covers the nation in one days’ time for voting.

I strongly feel that if we have a break down in our modern-day commutation or voting system, then and only then the Electoral College voting system would be put in to effect. We need to help rebuild the confidence of the people.

We need our votes to count when it comes to electing a President.

Our Supreme Court Judges needs to be included in being elected by the people just as any other judge. Not by the President.

We believe that if we could add and set limited terms of office for the Supreme Court Justices and our Congress, the whole government will change to help the people of our great nation. There is not any reason why our Supreme Court Justices and our Congress should have no unlimited terms. Every other judge and politician from the President of the United States, down to your local city and county Councilman across the nation can only have two terms of office.

There is too much news coverage on national debates. These news programs should have and cover State debates. The news programs needs to give the public more information on their state congress, governor's, justices, mayors and councilmen. The people need more information that helps them decide on the people and issues that they can actually vote and voice themselves on. The national elections are a farce and it is nothing more than a survey of how the people think or who they want. This really does not matter because only the national congress can vote on who is the next President.

Remember, Congress made several rules which is almost impossible to reverse to stay in power. These include getting a big retirement check and getting one of the best health care packages there is with our hard earned taxes. Yet, they still have the nerve to complain about...

(The above list is just to bring up a few issues that seriously needs to be addressed by our lame duck congress.)

If we set limited terms of office for the people in Congress and our Supreme Court Justices, we would have individuals running our Government that are up with the current times and beliefs of the citizens of the Unites States. As it is now with the system that is going on, there are too many of these Judges and Congressmen that act think and believe that we are still living in the 60’s. The people of the America have lost a lot confidence in our lame duck Congress. It funnels down throughout the states, counties and cities. There are a lot of good politicians, but the human mind tends to harp on the negative and not really recognize the good that politicians do. This is the major reason why we need limited terms of office for Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices.

The Supreme Court Justices needs to run for office just like any other politician or judge running for office. The people’s vote needs to count in all of the political departments of our government. This will reconfirm and build the due respect that is needed and wanted by the voters of America.

We need to help rebuild the confidence of the people. We need our votes to count when it comes to electing a President.

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