Changing our Political System with Precinct Committee Officers

Website Page updated: 04/14/2020

We are a Non-Profit Political Organization.

Click above to volunteer or voice yourself. All we need is your name and e-mail to make contact.

Changing Our Political System

My name is David Dawn, the Founder and President of this website; Changing Our Political System (COPS)

Everything donated will go into a bank account for managing. We want accounting of every penny for the donors and the IRS.

I have funded this organization up to now. I have been sick with septic poisoning for over a month. All of my money is gone. Help us get enough money to continue operating our organization and sending our proposal through congress. For example, we have to pay a filling fee to have our bill put on a congress docket and the up keep of the web-site.

We, the volunteers and I have put this web-site together and has done some community work, all on a part time base's. Once we prove our self, we all really need and want to be full-time Civil Activists.

Right now we are addressing the Voting Rights Act (VRA) issue and after we get this proposal to congress we will start on our Social Security Reform Proposal.

Please go to our Proposal Page to look at the history of the VRA and the 2 different issues we will be addressing for SSI.

Master Plan for the COPS Website 

There are several different stages we must go through in order to send proposals to our State and Federal congresses.

#1. We are in the process of sending the Voting Rights Act (VRA) proposal to congress members so they can represent it to both houses.

#2. I am paying for this project with what little savings I can get from working full time. I really need to be a full time Civil Activist to do this in a effective and efficient manor.

The volunteers that I have will help in making contacts with organizations, editing and things like that but in their own timely manor, due to them having a full time job and a family that comes first. 

#3. We need volunteers for public relations, to get out our website name on Facebook, with radio, social media, editing videos, organizing rallies, signing of petitions, planers, rally and picket organizers, legal writers, fundraisers and  working with other activist organizations.

#4. Follow through with each Proposal until the job is done.
We need your help in every way possible.

Contact us through our Website Contact Form for more information.

Changing Our Political System (COPS) thanks you for your time, concern and support

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