Changing our Political System with Precinct Committee Officers

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We are a non-profit political organization.

Click above to volunteer or voice yourself. All we need is your name and e-mail address.

Changing Our Political System

Our goals are to promote better equality through changes in our laws and the rules governing politicians at state and federal levels.

Through civil and political activism positive changes can be made in a legal and nonviolent manner. As an individual you can make a difference. We encourage you to be active in addressing things that need to be changed in your community. If you have ideas you want to share, please contact us. Your thoughts may help us improve and reach our goals.

We need help in all the different areas that are involved in making this movement successful.

Our First National Boycott

Everyone should have an equal chance at employment and we do not.
A lot of large businesses chains that serve the public, practices hiring only one ethnic group. If there is a person of a different race working there, that person is a token.

We are not targeting "Mom and Pop" family run businesses. We are mainly referring to fast food companies, restaurants, grocery stores and clothing stores.

This discrimination is prevalent in many cities across the U.S. It takes jobs away from other races who have families and are in need of employment. This takes away jobs for other races who have families and need employment, as well as jobs for students or people trying to get out of the fast life. We need to see at least 50% of employees of mixed races in all work areas.

View our Special Reports for more information

Become a Volunteer

We do not have any affiliation with any political party.
With the unification of all of the different levels of politicians united all the people through churches, political organizations, unions and corporations to become volunteers or participants in our movement. We are here to encourage people to become a Political and Civil Activist - to represent any issue that is in your neighborhood - to any council, commission, department or politician.

We are not focused on getting people elected in the office at any level. If any of our volunteers do become a politician. We hope that they believe that the best thing about this is, that you are not at the demands of a party calling you up and pushing to do whatever they feel you should do. 

Our goals are:

#1. Change several laws and procedures within our government on the local, state and federal levels.

#2. Reinstate the belief of the people of the United States in our government.

#3. Making their votes heard as well as count through unifying the state and federal voting procedure across the nation.

#4. Unite the people of this great nation. We do not need to be divided through and by our religion, race, nationally and our job statics.

#5. Get people to help unite the different political parties and work together as one for the people of our great nation.

#6. And any other ways our volunteers can think of.


Volunteer Opportunities

We need many different types of volunteers needed to get a proposal through congress. We are also seeking the help from every source that is possible to get these things done, for example:

You can help us make a difference to improve your local area all the way to your state and federal Government. By doing this, we would be making a difference for everyone within our nation.

As volunteers, what issues are you really concerned about?
Your time and concern in volunteering your knowledge and skills are deeply appreciated.

Please look at our Proposed Changes to Laws to review in detail the ideas we have and are pushing forward to change. The proposed changes to these laws are not being dealt as a whole. These changes are being dealt as individual issues. If there is any issue that really hits home and you want to see it changed, then we need you to volunteer your time, knowledge and/or ideas in order to change the issue you are concerned about and make it law.

The people this great nation is so involved in their fear of change and so self-centered with greed that they close their minds to what is really good for all of the people of the nation. There are races and organizations calling to divide the land of our nation. It is true, we do have our differences in life styles and our differences in our political and religious beliefs. We must see that above all of our different ways of living, it does not stop the change that needs to be in order to have unity among the people and Politician’s which will bring back the satiability, confidence and faith of the people of this great nation.

We thank you for your time and concern, and look forward to meeting with you. All we need is your name and e-mail address to make contact.

Please contact us via our Website Contact Form for additional information.

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