Changing our Political System with Precinct Committee Officers

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We are a non-profit political organization.

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We thank you for your time, concern and support.

Changing Our Political System


We will change laws and the cultural mind set of politicians through civil and political activism - In a legal and non-violent manner.

We the people do not need to be divided. The people of this great nation need to be united.
  I am David Dawn, Founder and President of Changing Our Political System (COPS). We are a non-profit Civil Rights Organization.
  I was raised in Seattle, WA. I was a drop out and received my GED in the army at the age of 18. I lived my life as a want to be, bad boy. Only to find out that I really did not have the heart for it. I joined a union and stayed with them for 18 years. During my time with the union I tried to educate young men about using their public self at work and at home being your private self.
  When I moved to Las Vegas I realized that I wanted to become a Civil Activist. I knew that I needed a cultural mind set change, in order to achieve my goal. I joined the 100 Black Men of Las Vegas and was a member for 2 years. I then served as a volunteer for 3 years with the 100's. Mainly, I was a teacher for the Saturday Chess Class and helped out in other community activity. I took Toast Masters classes twice a week for over a year.

I needed to go back to work full time in order to pay for medical and investment bills. I wrote 2 short story books, started 3 different websites and started a Professional Etiquette Driving Course for taxi and Uber drivers. Out of doing all of that, I am now just concentrating on our political web-site to be a Civil Activist.

I have funded this organization up to now. I have been sick with septic poisoning for over a month and out of work for 5 months. All of my money is gone. We, the volunteers and I have put this web-site together and has done some community work. All of this on a part time basis. All of us really want to be full time activists. Please, We really need your help in donations. We can not follow our dreams, wishes, wants, and needs unless we have your support, at least in donations.

Once I get the support that we really need and want to be full-time Civil Activists, we will start helping the citizens that are single parents, teens coming into adulthood, inspiring the homeless to do more for them selves and other programs that will help the people. We have had people set up to start running these programs but we just don't have the money to run them. These volunteers and organizers have families to support. They need to at least maintain their income if they are going to do what they really want to do. That is like me, I need to work full time in order to maintain a roof over my head. We hope that you understand that family always comes first.

Our project for now, is our rights in voting and civil court has to be renewed every 25 years. Our rights on these 2 issues should be permanent and our rights need to stay in our constitution. Congress renews these two issues of our Voting Rights Act (VRA) in 2031. We are in the process of sending this proposal to the House of Representatives - Ethics Committee. All we want is to be equal to the white male in the eyes of the law. If his rights never has to be renewed, then why should the rights of all minorities have to be renewed???

In the fall we want to address a couple of main issues with Social Security benefits that would really help everyone that is on SSI.

We really need to address this issue now. When 2031 comes, congress can over look the renewal due to their work load. They can also put a delayed start time that could be for years which is common in bills being passed. All we need is a congress that is very bias. We need the removal of renewing our VRA to be equal citizens in the eyes of the law. The American Constitution is about a system of laws with moral principles that governs the citizens in an equal manner for everyone in America. This is a biased law.

* Remember, The removal of the renewal issue is for all minorities which includes all men and women from every race. The only exception to the renewal is the white male. The only reason we are doing this is to be legally equal to the white male.

For more information about the VRA go to the Proposal Page. For donations Please go to our Donation Page.

We thank U for your time, concern and support.

Sincerely David Dawn

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