Changing Our Political System (COPS)

With the unity of voters, we can make a change in our lives.

We do not belong to any political party.

Our sole purpose is to address all of the racist and bias laws that is on the Federal level and all of the way down to the local level. See Proposal #4. Review Old Laws.
The other proposals will be addressed in the order the public deems appropriate.
Each proposal is presented as an individual issue.

Our main purpose is to get proposals sent through our state and federal congresses. There could be a great change in the politicians if there was only a few laws changed. The people of our great nation would feel better about being equal if there is a few laws changed.

We have 10 proposals at hand to send to all of the State Congresses in our nation. We have 17 proposals to send to our Federal Congress. We need to unite all of the different privet organizations with all of the different political parties to work together on any one issue for the cause of all of the people.

Thanks for helping us grow!

Mission: The sole purpose of our website is to reinstate the confidence that the people had lost in our government and in our major organizations. The people is very tired of living with a Lame Duck Congress. We need to change our political system by improving our political processes through restructuring some of our laws.

Reason: This will allow our government system to become stronger with an open mind to working together with other parties to resolve the problems at hand. Congress would not be ruled by the lobbyist to the degree that they are now and always have been.We need politicians that have a greater understanding of the people and who are willing to negotiate and meet other politicians half way to make meaningful accomplishments in Congress, for the people and not about the money.


The following video is a brief introduction to the goals of Changing our Political System and our request for volunteers to help us achieve these goals.

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Why are we doing this?

We are here to encourage people to become Civil and Political Activist to represent any issue that is in your neighborhood, city or state, to any council, commission, department or politician. You can do this by being a volunteer with an organization like us. You could combine your efforts with other local politicians in your area to get laws, zones, amendments or even current politicians changed on a city, county, state, or on a national level. A politician united with other local organizations as one group of politicians rallying on a state or national capital could change any issue that the people really want to be changed. If not, we could influence the commissions, committees, political organizations, or any other decision-making group of politicians.


We need every different type of volunteer that there is to get several, if not all of these proposals done right.We are looking for our next national civil rights leader, like MLK or JFK. As an individual, you can be a person to make a difference within our great nation. If you have any ideas, wants or needs, let us know so we can work on making it happen for you and the people you represent. We need some people with the expertise and knowledge of how our congress really operates. How to push the right buttons or how to go through the maze of congress to help get a law passed with the state and national congresses. We need you. Your involvement will help make these changes a reality.

Website updated: 2/18/17

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